NanoProtech Anti Corrosive Lubricant

Nanoprotech Anti-Corrosive is a Superb Penetrating Oil that Not Only Penetrates and Loosens Existing Rust but Immediately Stops Metals from Corroding further.

Features, Advantage & Benefits of Nanoprotech Super Anti Corrosive: 

   – Simple Spray-on Application from 20cm.   

   – Salt Spray Tested (ISO93) against the Most Well-Known Anti-Corrosive Products in the World and performed Better than them all.

   – Can be Applied to All Metal Surfaces including Aluminium, Alloy, Brass, Copper, Iron, Lead, Raw Iron, Stainless Steel, and Zinc.

   – The Product is Non-Harsh to Rubber, Textiles, and Plastics.

   – Ideal for the Treatment of Locks, Handles, Frames, Gates, Fences, and Machinery.

   – Nanoprotech Anti Corrosive Penetrates Deep into the Surface of All Metal Components.

   – It Supersedes All Other Conventional Products Ability in Reaching Confined Microcavities.

   – The Anti-Corrosive Active Nanoparticles Penetrate and Bond with the Treated Surface Provides Super Lubrication for Working Components and Significantly Reduces Friction and Wear for Up to       One Year.

   – Nanoprotech Anti Corrosive Acts as a Super Lubricant for Locks, Chains, Cables, Automotive Bodies, Frames, and All Metal Surfaces Prone to Corrosion.

   – It harnesses Super Hydrophobic Capabilities that Repel Moisture and Water from the Treatment.

   – This Reaction Ensures that Corrosion and Rust Lose its Ability to Bond with the Treated Metal Surface.

   – Nanoprotech Anti Corrosive can Withstand Heat up to +250C and Cold up to -80C

   – Nanoprotech Anti Corrosive will Protect Any Metal Surface from Six (6) Months to One (1) Year from Corrosion.