About NanoProtech

NANOPROTECH – Our Unique Waterproof and Anti-Rust Product Line is Specially Developed for Domestic and Industrial use.  Each Product is Based on a State-of-the-art Advanced Nanotechnology.

NANOPROTECH Brand is an Innovative Leader in Protecting Metal, Conductive Parts and Electronic Components Against Moisture Damage.

NANOPROTECH – Provides Excellent Waterproof and Anti-Rust Performance as well as Lubrication and Penetration. After Applying our Product, Any Old or New Electronic Equipment is going to Work Properly Even in the Harshest Environment. NANOPROTECH Ensures Absolute Protection!

NANOPROTECH – is the only verified and effective protection for the metal, conductive parts and electronic components against any form of water damage: like steam, humidity, dew, mist, spray, chlorinated water, salt water, acid rain, and even chemical fumes.

NANOPROTECH – 100% Waterproof and Anti-Corrosive!


How It Works

NANOPROTECH Protective Coating is Applied by an Aerosol Can. After being Applied on the Surface, NANOPROTECH fills in Tiny and Vulnerable Gaps at Molecular Level.

Excellent Hydrophobic Properties and Low Surface Stress allows to Obtain a Fine Protective Coating, Penetrating under the Moisture Layer.

After Spraying, NANOPROTECH Builds a Protective Coating on the Surface. NANOPROTECH Provides 100% Water Replacement Rate within 10 Seconds.

Due to High Adhesion and Low Inner Friction, NANOPROTECH Consistently Builds a Water Resistance Protective Coating under water. thus, NANOPROTECH Has Surpassed any Other Product Standard in Anti-Corrosion Proofing Test. NANOPROTECH Will Protect even on Wet Components!


Protect Your Equipment from Moisture & Humidity

We offer you a unique range of protective coating – NANOPROTECH!


NANOPROTECH allows you to protect:

  • Metal Products
  • Electrical Connection
  • Machine Parts
  • Sensitive Electronics

and other equipment from damaging effects of

  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Active Chemical Environment.

Our Product Prevents Corrosion, Instantly Displaces 100% of Moisture and Lubricates the Surface of the Protected Equipment

NANOPROTECH offers Complete Protection for a Surface, and as a Result you Get the Equipment to Operate Regardless of the Harmful Conditions of the Environment!


Application Areas

Vehicles – Cars, Trucks, Buses etc.

  • NANOPROTECH Protects Car Electrical Equipment Against Moisture and Short Circuits
  • It Is Used for Maintenance of all the Electrical Equipment inside the Vehicle.
  • NANOPROTECH Increases the Current Carrying Capacity, Extends Equipment’s Life, Prevents Oxidation Erosion
  • NANOPROTECH Provides Effective Protection of the Vehicle against Moisture and Corrosion, Significantly Reducing Engine Creaks, Effortlessly Loosen the Screws               on the Wheels.                                                                                                                                                           
  • Prevents Corrosion on The Door Locks, Trunk and Hood.


  • Heavy Industry, Precision Engineering, Mining and Processing Industries, Energy and Chemical Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Food Industry, Agriculture and Utilities
  • Electrical Switchboard

Shipbuilding, Ocean and River Transportation

  • Yachts, Boats, Water Scooters
  • Large Vessels, Ships, Cargo Ships and Vessels

RailwayPublic Transportation

  • Rapid Transit System
  • Trams and Busses

Airports and Aircrafts

Motorcycle, ATV, Bicycles

Advertising lighting, street lighting, traffic signals

Telecommunications Systems

  • Telecommunications Base Stations
  • Alarm Systems, Monitoring Systems

Water Supply System

Various Public Facilities

Weapons – Gunpowder, Gas Blast, Paintball


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