Nanoprotech Automotive


Nanoprotech Automotive is Russian-designed technology for extreme protection against corrosion, friction, and wear on chains, sprockets, gears, and most metal components in and around the vehicle. Nanoparticles penetrate deep into the microcavities within the metal surface preventing moisture build-up and eliminating corrosion instantly

Features, Advantages & Benefits of Nanoprotech Automotive:

Long term protection for up to 1 year per single treatment
Anti-corrosive protection for all metal components
Reduces friction and wear
Hydrophobic (moisture repellent)
Ultimate lubrication on working components
Extreme temperature tolerance with heat up to Plus 250°C and cold down to Minus 80°C
Non-harmful to plastics, rubbers, wood, or textiles
Can be used on all other metal surfaces
Ultimate designed lubrication protective coating