NanoProtech Boat & Marine

NanoProtech Marine Anti-Corrosive was Designed to Carry Both Electrical Insulation Capabilities as well as Act as an Anti-Corrosive Protective Coating for the Marine Industry.

Ideal for Boats, Ships, Water Sports Equipment, Jet-Skis, Wet Bikes, Fishing Gear, Engine Switches, and Wiring and is an Extremely Unique Formulation of Hydrocarbons and Hydrophobic Nanoparticles Designed to Instantly Displace All Forms of Moisture from Electrical and Electronic Current Conductive Components within Seconds.
Nanoparticles Penetrate deep Into the Surface Filling the Microcavities, Invisible to the Human Eye, Repelling All Forms of Moisture over the Long Term.

Features, Advantage & Benefits of NanoProtech Boat & Marine
– Protect Electric and Electronic Components from Moisture Damage for Up to 12 Months
– Restores Insulation Resistance within 10 Seconds
– Extreme Temperature Tolerance with Heat up to 250°C and Cold down to -80°C
– Enhance Energy Retention Efficiency
– ISO93 Certified
– Salt-Spray Tested
– AC and DC Adaptable
– High Voltages Tolerance up to 256kV
– Can be Applied to Motors, Electrical Tools, Circuitry, Switches, Starters and Most Electrical and Electronic Components for Moisture Protection.